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Selecting participants

You can activate functions to flag the users' participation status.

  • These functions can be useful for selecting applicants who wish to take part in a course or a summer school.
  • They can also be useful if participation requires confirmation by the delegates. In this case, their participation status can be set by administrators following their decision.
Users can be contacted by email based on their participation status. You can also export the list of accepted or confirmed participants.

If the registration & payments module is used, this function might not be needed. The registration or payment status might be used instead.

Activate and configure the participation function

  • Go to Configuration / Participants / Participation status.
  • Activate the selection function at 1. Activate functions to flag participation status.
  • If payments are in use, you might want to automatically set the participation status to Will participate as soon as the registration payment is completed. This can be done at 2. Set rules for automatic participant selection.
  • Edit the list of participation options at 3. Edit the drop down list of participant status . By default, the options are set to [Undecided / Will participate / Will not participate / Waiting list]. You can, however extend or shorten the list. You can also modify the options, for instance replace Will participate with Accepted.

Keeping track of participation

  • Once the function is activated, you can set and track the participation status at Participants / Participation status.
  • The page at Set participation status individually page contains a list of users and a dropdown of participation statuses that can be used to flag the users individually. A filter is also provided.
  • The page at Set participation in bulk contains functions to set assign a status to multiple users. For example, you can synchronize participant selection with the paper selection status.

Sending emails to users based on their participation status

  • You can send an email to the users flagged as Accepted or Will participate at Emails / Bulk emails / Conference participants / 2. Free-style email to accepted applicants.
  • You can send an email to the users flagged as Rejected or Will not participate at Emails / Bulk emails / Conference participants / 3. Free-style email to rejected applicants.
  • An additional template can be found at Emails / Bulk emails / Hand-picked users. This template allows you to select the recipients base on their participation status in combination with other filters.

Exporting the data

  • The export at Exports / Participants / Export to CSV or Excel / All system users contains the profiles of all the users, as well as their participation status.
  • To export a filtered list of the users, go to Participants / Accounts / View, edit user data / 2. Work on the selected records. This section lists the users. At the top of the list, you will find three export links: For selected records: Export to: [HTML] [xls] [xlsx]. Before the export, you can select the records by using the filter at the top of the page.

Last updated: 29 January 2024