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Set options for the review process

These can be set at Configuration / Reviews / Options for the review process.

Activate peer reviewing

This will activate a number of functions related to the review process. If you do not use reviews, it is recommended to disable the module, so that unwanted functions are not displayed throughout the site.

Allow reviewers to view and search all the submissions

This option is typically activated if reviewers are allowed to decide which reviews they might want to review (bidding).

Bidding process: activation and options

Activate the bidding function
Reviewers will get access to the list of submissions and will be able to indicate their preferences for each, by selecting an option in a drop down list: [Yes / No / Maybe / Conflict].
See bidding by others
If this option is activated, reviewers biddings will be shown to all other reviewers.
Default bid
Set a default bidding option that will apply if the reviewers do not select an option. The default option can be any of the following: [Yes / No / Maybe / Conflict]. Typically, the value Maybe is chosen.

Options for review assignment

Automatic conflict detection
If a reviewer's email address is found in the list of authors of a submission, the reviewer will be flagged as having a conflict for that submission.
Leave out accepted submissions
This typically applies to the submissions of invited speakers.
Leave out declined submissions
Useful if you decide to reject a submission before the review process.

Blind review process

Allow reviewers to see the list of authors
Both the submitter an authors are hidden from view.
Permit reviewers to see each others' reviews

Number of reviews per paper

This value, if given, is only used in the automatic assignment process.

Uploaded files (extended abstracts and full papers)

Exclude incomplete submissions from the bidding process and the review process
Allow reviewers to view extended abstracts
Allow reviewers to view full papers

Proposed corrections by reviewers

This option allows reviewers to upload a file, for instance an MS-Word document, containing suggestions and corrections. Administrators can decide when to display them on the submitters' accounts.

Last updated: 29 January 2024