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View and edit users' orders

Locate the function
  • Go to Participants / Bookings & Payments and access the menu associated with the relevant registration form.
  • This page contains an overview list of the users and their registration details. A filter, at the top of the page, allows you to locate specific records in the list.
  • The most useful components of that filter are the Order status [Missing / Recorded] and the Payment status [Completed / Waived / Pending / Refunded / Partially refunded]. and the Invoice number.
Edit a user's registration record
  • Each record features an overview of the user's payment record, as well as an edit button
  • Clicking on the edit button leads to a page containing functions that can be used to modify a user's record and input an offline payment into the COMS database.
Input a payment record
  • If a user has paid offline, by bank transfer or by check, the transaction needs to be manually input into the COMS database.
  • To do this, edit a user's record, as described above, go to Order form and make sure an invoice exists.
  • If an invoice exists, a download link should be visible.
  • If there is no invoice, it means that the user has created an order, but has not confirmed (registered) it on the second tab of the payment form. In this case, you need to confirm the order on that second tab, before inputting the payment. Once an invoice has been created, you should see the download link for that invoice.<
  • Go to Input an offline payment or a refund, input the paid amount, select the payment method and save your input. The payment status will be automatically updated.
Create or modify an order on behalf of a user
  • Once users have confirmed an order and created an invoice, they cannot modify their order.
  • However, administrators can do it on their behalf, by editing their payment form at Participants / Bookings & Payments / [Payment form].
  • To do so, simply locate the user in the list, edit their record and access their payment form.
Last updated: 20 June 2024