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Recurring events

Many conferences reoccur at regular intervals, mostly annually or biennially. Even though their location and local organising committee might change with every edition, the different editions often share the same tested workflow. Moreover, a fraction of the participants might attend more than one edition of the event. COMS has options to reduce unnecessary work for both organisers and delegates, by allowing the configuration and users to be retained for recurring events.

Reusing a configuration saves time for the organisers
Recurring events that use COMS to handle their submissions and registrations can save time when setting up the site by copying an existing configuration from one site to the next. Organisers can use this initial setup as a starting point and make any necessary changes to suit their needs.
Reusing existing accounts saves time for returning delegates
Users' accounts can be copied from one site to the next. Returning users do not need to recreate their profile to access the new site.
Benefitting from software updates
As time goes, the COMS software evolves. As a result, each edition of an event, which uses its own dedicated COMS site, uses a slightly different version of COMS and can take advantage of the latest developments of the software. This does not prevent the transfer of the configuration and accounts from one site to the next.
Last updated: 05 August 2021