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Download the doc:  
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About the mobile app

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  • Available functions
    • Detailed agenda
    • Chat and video chat
    • Discussion forum
    • Custom content
    • Push notifications
  • Participants management
    • Accounts are created for all participants by the conference management system.
    • Admins can create / add users through an Excel upload.
    • Filters are provided to control the creation of the accounts.
    • All participants are listed on the app by name and affiliation. A search function is provided. Presence indicators show who is online.
  • Agenda
    • If the agenda is created on the COMS platform, it is automatically available in the app.
    • Changes to the agenda are automatically ported to the app.
    • Participants can build their personal schedule and send questions to the speakers

Visual guide

EMBO Agenda
Agenda: abstracts
Forum: overview
Forum: messages
Your private messages
Last updated: 29 January 2024