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Emails sent in bulk

The COMS system allows you to send emails to any group of users, at a time of your choosing. Templates useful for specific tasks are provided, often prefilled with a standard text corresponding to the task at hand. For example, there is a template to target authors of accepted (or rejected) submissions; another to contact all users, etc. All the templates can be edited and personalised by means of placeholders.

Locate the bulk emails
Go to Emails / Bulk emails. All the templates are located in this section.
Select a suitable email template
The bulk emails section lists a number of templates that target predefined sets of users. For example, you can find templates that target all users, all submitters, all speakers, all submitters of accepted papers or posters, all reviewers, all presenters, all users whose registration payment is still due etc.
Edit the texts and subject lines of the templates
The email templates are provided with predefined texts and subject lines that suit the task at hand, for instance inform submitters of accepted papers of the status of their submission. These texts and the subject lines can be edited or replaced entirely with your own texts.
Preview the emails
After editing and saving the text of an email template, you can use the preview function to check the list of recipients, as well as the content of all the emails.
Send the emails and track the result
When you commit to sending the emails, these are stored in the email database where they queue to be sent out. The mail log, accessible at Emails / Mail log / Bulk emails, records the status of the task.
Send an email to hand-picked users
The last of the bulk email templates, found at Emails / Bulk emails / Hand-picked users is designed to allow flexible targetting of the recipients. While the other bulk emails reach predefined sets of recipients, the hand-picked template comes with a filter that can be used to select any subset of the users. The selection  of the recipients proceeds in two steps:
  1. First, use the filter to make a broad selection of the users, for instance all presenters whose registration fee is still due.
  2. Review the list of users generated by the filter and manually refine the selection.
One the desired list of recipients has been produced and saved, you can edit the text of the and its subject line, then proceed to preview and sent the emails.
Last updated: 29 January 2024