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Download the doc:  
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Getting started

With the exception of emails, which are configured on the Emails page, all of the configuration tasks are accomplished on the Configuration page, which can be accessed by administrators after logging onto their account.

The following provides an overview of the tasks needed to set up a site and can be used as a check list for the configuration. Implementation details  are provided in the sub menus.

General functions

Input the conference descriptors
Title, venue, dates, conference website.
Create a banner and set the colour scheme.
Languages and texts
Select the language/s of the site. Add your own. Edit texts seen by the users

Module activation and configuration

Set up forms and upload buttons to collect personal data from the users. Flag users for participation, based on various criteria (as a result of a selection process; as a result of a registration process; after confirmation is received from the users).
Set up the submission form and activate upload buttons to collect documents associated with the submission.
Set up the review form and select options to guide the review assignment function.
Activate up to five registration forms and connect your account to the COMS system.


Create admin accounts
Upload admin accounts or assign the admin function to existing users.


Set general parameters
Define the sender email. Set a signature to be inserted in all emails.
Activate and edit email templates
Automatic emails, bulk emails, email alerts.

Access control

Set access permissions
Set timers on functions accessed by the users, to enforce deadlines.
Control disclosures
Select the data, if any, that should be shown to the users (reviews, feedback, presentation details).

Test the configuration

Test data
Create test data (users, submissions, reviews) to test your setup and delete them before going live.
Checking users' accounts
Access users' accounts to verify that the set up is correct.
Last updated: 29 January 2024