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Download the doc:  
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About the EMBO platform


  • The hybrid / virtual platform consists of a single page app accessible from the conference management site allocated to the event.
  • The agenda, on the left hand-side of the screen features a cover page, the program with embedded Zoom sessions or their recordings. Sponsors' logos can be added.
  • The chat on the right hand-side lists all the participants, who can message each other and participate in discussions and Q&As.
  • Once participants access the platform, they can freely move about, interact with other participants, view the agenda, access Zoom sessions and recording, without having to use passwords.
  • The platform integrates tightly with the conference data (participants, agenda) and can be created on short notice.
  • Participants are automatically registered to the platform.
  • The agenda is based on the agenda created by the organisers.
Last updated: 20 June 2024