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Copying the setup of a site

When the configuration of a site is copied to another, the following data are transferred:

Modules and functions
The modules and functions used on the previous sites are activated, while those that were not, are left inactive. For example, if payments are in use on one site, they will be activated on the next; if a function used to select users for participation was activated, it will also be activated; if a custom form was used, it will be activated for use again; the same language/s will be activated etc.
Forms and their setup
All the forms that had been activated and configured for the previous edition will be activated and configured in the exact same way, with the same questions. The forms can be used as found, or can be modified in part. Typically, the topics used on the submission form might be changed, while the prices used on a registration form might be updated.
Texts and emails
Organisers spend time writing instructions, adapting the content of emails and creating content that is displayed on the site, sometimes in more than one language. All these texts are copied to the new site, as found. If they include references to locations and dates, they might need to be updated. They can, of course, also be changed or suppressed. Instructions for editing texts can be found at Texts & translations.
Deadlines and access permissions
Deadlines, which set time limits on various functions, are copied as found and are bound to be outdated on the new site. Access permissions, which control access to functions without taking time limits into account, might or might not be outdated. Both need to be reviewed. This can be done at Configuration / Access rights / Access to functions & deadlines.
Last updated: 29 January 2024