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Automatic emails

You can set up emails to be sent out automatically in response to specific actions taken by the users: when they register an account, they submit or withdraw an abstract, upload a document, fill in a form, complete a payment etc.

Locate the automatic emails
Go to Emails / Automatic emails / Activate and edit the emails. All the automatic emails are listed on that page.
Activate suitable emails
Go through the listed emails and activate those you would like to use; deactivate those you do not need. For example, if you do not wish to send an email to a user who withdraws an abstract, make sure that the template labelled Send email on submission withdrawal is switched off.

The list of emails available depends on the modules that are active. If payments are not in use, emails related to the payment functions will not be listed.
Edit the emails
Most of the email templates are prefilled, in English, German and French. You can modify these texts to suit your needs. Placeholders can be used to personalise the emails.
Monitor activity
Once the emails have been activated and edited, they will be triggered automatically in response to users' actions. If you have set up audit emails, you will receive copies at the designated email addresses. If not, you can still check the emails at Emails / Mail log / Automatic emails.
List of emails on users' accounts
Users can view all the emails sent to them on their account, on a page accessible through the Emails tab.
Last updated: 20 June 2024