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Before setting up emails, be sure to set up general functions relating to the email module (sender, signature, language etc.). These functions are found at Emails / Overview and settings.

Automatic emails

Automatic emails are sent automatically by the system, in response to actions taken by the users. Their aim is to provide feedback and information. They are provided with pre-defined texts that can be edited and adapted to your needs.

Locate the function
Go to Emails / Automatic emails / Activate and edit the emails. All automatic emails are listed on that page, where they can be both activated (or deactivated) and edited.
Activate useful emails
Review the list of automatic emails and activate or deactivate those appropriate to the submission process:
  • Automatic password recovery
  • Registration with the system
  • Creation of a new COMS user by a conference administrator
  • Send an email to users who complete the upload of a document (up to three)
  • Send an email to users who save a custom form (up to two)
Edit the email templates
Review the contents of the activated emails (body and subject line) and edit, if necessary.

Bulk emails

Bulk emails are one-off emails sent to a group of users at a time of your choosing. They can be found at Emails / Bulk emails and can be used to target any number of participants:

Predefined groups of users
  • All system users
  • Conference participants:
    • Email to a specific type of participants
    • Email to accepted applicants
    • Email to rejected applicants
    • Inform/remind participants of the need to fill in a custom form
  • Conference administrators
  • Inactive accounts
Hand-picked users
You will be able to send an email to any user or group of users.
Last updated: 20 June 2024