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Configurable forms

Up to two forms can be configured from scratch and made available to participants. These forms are accessible after login, from a tab located on the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page.

Custom forms are typically used to create a questionnaire or register participants to free events, for instance workshops.

Find the required functions and activate the form

Find the setup page
Go to Configuration / Additional forms and access one of the two forms listed in the menu.
Activate the form
Begin by activating the form at 1. Activate the form and related functions. This is necessary to ensure that all related functions are available. Access to the form is not necessarily activated when this function is on, as this is done independently.

Name the form and add instructions

Name the tab
Go to 2. Texts / Name of the tab and input a suitable label to the tab that gives access to the form.
Add a heading to the page
Go to 2. Texts / Heading of the page and enter the heading displayed above the form.
Add instructions
Go to 2. Texts / Instructions and edit the instructions that will be displayed under the the heading. An editor is supplied to help formatting the text.

Configure the form

Add fields

Go to 5. Add a component to the form and add fields to the form. To add a field, first select a suitable component in the drop down list.

Possible options are: [Edit box / Drop down list / Radio buttons / Check boxes / Date / Date & time / Separator / Text].

The separator is used to separate different sections on the form.

The text component can be used to insert a text in the middle of the form. The text can contain pictures and links.

Configure the fields

After selecting a suitable component, you are presented with a form and can enter the main attributes of the field (label, instructions, height of an edit box, options of a check list etc.).

Other attributes, like the position of the field on the form can be set in the overview of the fields, at 4. Edit form components .

View the form
The form can be previewed at 6. View the form in its current state.

Add quotas

You can set quotas on any of the selection fields (radio buttons, check boxes and drop down lists).

In order to set a quota, go to Configuration / Quotas / Set limits on bookings.

When a quota is set on an option, this option will be greyed on the form as soon as the quota is reached. The text [Booked out] will be appended to the option.

Administrators can track quotas at Participants / Quotas.

Control access to the form

Go to Configuration / Access rights / Access to functions & deadlines / 7. Additional forms to enable access to the form. The following permissions can be set:

Allow access to the page that contains the form
This setting activates the tab leading to the form. If it is inactive, the tab is removed from the navigation bar. If it is active, you can also set a period of availability, to enforce deadlines.
Allow delegates to edit the form
This setting controls edits. If it is deactivated, users can see the form in read mode only. If it is active, they can edit it. Here too, you can set a period of availability.

Invite participants to fill in the form

If you want to contact the participants and invite them to fill in the form, you can send them an email.

For this, go to Emails / Bulk emails and look for an email that targets the appropriate group of participants (e.g. all users, submitters, reviewers).

If you do not find the appropriate email, you can use the template labelled Handpicked users which provides a filter to select the recipients.

Export the data

Export to Excel or CSV
Go to Exports / [Name of the form]: Export to CSV or Excel.
Export to HTML
Go to Exports / [Name of the form]: Export to HTML.
Last updated: 29 January 2024